Dry Fruit Laddu

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Dry Fruit Laddu is one of the healthiest options to satiate those hunger pangs. These laddus are rich in vitamins and help you feel full so that you do not crave something to eat for a longer duration.

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Dry fruit Laddu 

Dry Fruit Laddu is one of the healthiest options to satiate those hunger pangs. These laddus are rich in vitamins and help you feel full so that you do not crave something to eat for a longer duration. 

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Key ingredients

Dates, Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachio, Cashew, Coconut Flakes, Fig, Raisins, Pumpkin Seeds, Cardamom & Cow Ghee. 

Key Benefits of eating dry fruit laddu

 Dry fruits Laddu online in India are also packed with anti-inflammatory properties that help ease the discomfort of cold and cough.

Immunity Booster

Dry fruits Laddus are packed with essential oils, proteins, potassium, and calcium that boosts your immunity. Also, the presence of antioxidants in these laddus can help you to fight various infections and illnesses. Buy dry fruit  Ladoo online from Equisential and gift yourself the benefit of health and great taste. 

Helps in weight loss

Dry fruits Laddus are an excellent choice for weight loss if you eat them moderately. They are quite low in fat, carbohydrates, sugar and high in proteins and essential oils.

Keeps your skin supple and healthy 

Dry fruits Laddus can help you to keep your skin radiant and glowing. They are extremely rich in essential oils and antioxidants that help your skin regenerate healthy skin and prevent aging.

Fight against constipation

Dry fruits contain many dietary fibers that help fight against constipation and keep your gut system healthy. Buy dry fruit Ladoo online from Equisential and keep your gut healthy. 

It helps to prevent cancer

Almonds and cashew nuts are known to prevent breast cancer. They are quite rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, which in a way prevent the activity of cancer-causing cells.

Maintain a healthy heart 

Dry fruits Laddus can significantly control cholesterol levels and normalize blood pressure, especially raisins. They also help to reduce the risk of heart diseases and strokes. 

Healthy bones

Dry fruits Laddus are rich in proteins, calcium, and other micronutrients, which help in maintaining healthy bones and strengthen them.

Fight against stress and depression 

Dry fruits Laddus are very effective in the battle against depression and stress. They also improve brain health and memory.

Boost Immunity and Help Fight Diseases 

Dry fruits increase your nutrient intake as they are rich in potassium, iron, folate, calcium, and magnesium. The antioxidants boost your immunity, keeping you healthy and free from diseases and other illnesses.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Equisential for Dry Fruit Laddu

Combination of taste & quality

Dry Fruit Ladu online by Equisential provides a rare blend of taste and high quality so that only the best reaches you. Equisential is a one-stop destination for Dry Fruit Laddu online, and you can order easily online

Certified purity & taste

Equisential maintains strict quality measures to ensure that all the products are neatly made and packed. It uses naturally sourced ingredients so that when you buy Dry Fruit Laddu online in India, only the best in quality reaches you. 

Custom Made

Equisential also offers an assortment of laddus so that you can customize our order as per your preference. You can check out the Dry Fruit Laddu price at the Equisential website. 

Vegan & No Preservatives

All the ingredients used in Dry Fruit Laddu online at Equisential are entirely vegan, and no harmful preservatives are used. They are created fresh to maintain the quality and hygiene standards


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