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According to the age-old traditions, it is crucial to eat healthy after giving delivery because it is almost like a new birth for the mother. Eating the right kind of nutritious food after childbirth helps build immunity and provides the necessary nutrients a mother needs. Post-pregnancy ladoo is a common type of nutritional food given to all mothers after delivery.

Select from a wide range of healthy post-pregnancy ladoo
Eating post-pregnancy ladoo is recommended to a new mother because of the abundant nutritional benefits they offer. The thermogenic effect these post-pregnancy ladoo have is quite important, making them a great choice in winters. They are recommended to new moms, the elderly, as well as kids. These laddus also make for a quick and healthy snack for everyone at home. Not only are they extremely tasty, but they also provide the little ones with a significant amount of energy that can help carry them through the day.

Ladoo, after delivery, especially Gond laddu, contains various nutrients, such as iron, Vitamin A, calcium, proteins, sugar, fiber, saturated fats, carbohydrates, sodium, combined fats, etc., in reasonable amounts. They provide the required energy to the new mother and also aid in recovery after giving birth. These nutrients are also passed down to the newborn baby through breastfeeding. Therefore, a part of this nutritional snack should always be included in the postnatal diet.

You can choose a wide variety of ladoo after delivery from Equisential. It promises to deliver quality and taste. All the laddus at Equisential are freshly made to keep the nutrition intact and to ensure that only the best reaches you.

Key benefits of eating our post-pregnancy laddu
A woman’s body goes through intense trauma during delivery. After childbirth, there is a massive gap in the energy sources a woman has and the amount she needs to recover and take care of her child. Consuming ladoo after delivery, especially Gond laddu, in such a scenario can provide an incredible amount of support.
If childbirth has taken place during winters, the women’s body needs to spend quite an extra energy to keep itself warm and the baby protected and safe. Eating gond ke laddu after delivery can help provide the extra nutrition that a mother needs.
Heartbeat regulation is also quite a necessity since the body needs to carry out proper blood circulation to different body regions. Gond ke laddu after delivery can help in that regard as well.
The protein requirement for a woman increases a lot after childbirth since lactation and breastfeeding come under focus. You can check the post-delivery ladoo price at Equisential. Gond laddus also contain a good amount of protein & healthy fats and can be consumed quickly.
Having undergone a long pregnancy and a stressful delivery, a mother’s body is often doing its best to recover its physical strength and to carry out the healing functions. The ingredients used in the Gond laddus contain properties that assist the body in repairing itself.

Why Choose Equisential for Laddus online?
Equisential is a one-stop destination to buy laddus online. You can check the post-delivery ladoo price at Equisential and pick the one you want to order.

Quality Assurance
Equisential assures to maintain high-quality standards with great taste. The staff at Equisential ensures to provide the best post-pregnancy ladoo to ensure that the mother and child both become healthy and strong.

Certified Purity
Equisential is certified by the highest purity authority, and it maintains strict quality control to ensure all the laddus are healthy and hygienic.

Healthy Lifestyle
Post-pregnancy laddus at Equisential are vegan, free from preservatives, 100% organic, and handmade with love and care.

Custom Made
You can pick your assortment or customize your box of laddus as per your desire and taste.

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