Considered to be the master race of gaming, PCs (personal computers) can be played in both offline and online. While consoles require a network subscription, the majority of PC games have free online. Regardless, many people find the most enjoyment in offline PC games.

One can spend hundreds of hours playing an offline PC game and not regret it. Whether you are someone who prefers consoles for their intuitiveness or someone who likes PCs for their capabilities, these games are bound to surprise. If you haven’t played all these games, you might not be a PC gamer.


One noteworthy change to Civilization VI is a religion condition that allows you to win the game by converting the world to your religion. As a turn-based real-time strategy game, Civilization VI has few close competitors. Raising a civilization from the feudal ages to the modern era is too fun in Civilization VI. The game can be played offline for competitive matches against smart AI. Civilization VI has relatively low requirements compared to other leading PC games. This is one game you can’t miss!


From the same developer as Baldur’s Gate comes Divinity: Original Sin II. At first glance, Divinity: Original Sin II appears to take after games like Diablo 3, yet it is so much more than a loot-based game. Divinity: Original Sin II masterfully incorporates RPG elements that blend well with its turn-based combats. The scale of the game is massive. Dialogue is engaging and most players can find something to appreciate in the game. Using a controller is easy and straightforward with this offline PC game.


The expansive world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gives us pause. We can’t help but be overwhelmed by the scale of the world outside the main story. This is a game where you can log hundreds of hours without diminishing its quality. The enemy, weapon, and town variety makes the game a masterpiece. As an offline-only game, what it does it does perfectly. There is no need for online as it would only take away from the game. If you only play one role-playing game this year, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a solid choice.


This overlooked gem is a roguelike-metroidvania that in some ways is comparable to the Dark Souls series. Players will have to combat fierce enemies while avoiding the obstacles of the game. Falling in a pit of spikes can be frustrating, which is why not everyone will appreciate Dead Cells. Before you play Dead Cells, it’s worth noting that the game is very unforgiving. Dying in the game forces you to start over from the beginning.


Neatly packaged in one collection is the BioShock trilogy remastered and primed to play. The BioShock franchise is considered one of the greatest in gaming. Its refined gameplay mechanics combined with its story that twists and turns make it a must-play offline PC game. With villains like Andrew Ryan in the original BioShock and Zachary Hale Comstock in BioShock Infinite, there is plenty of subject matter to keep players enthralled.

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